KO6KD Ham Shack

The main radio in the center is my Kenwood TS-940SAT with the matching SM-220/PA Monitor Scope and SP-940 Speaker. On top of the scope is the Yaesu FT-857D as HF back-up, 6 - 2 & 432 all mode. On the SP-940 is my main 2/440 fm rig, the Kenwood TM-V708. The next shelf up left to right is the FC-757AT, IC-R7000, YS-2000 & TM-3530. Sprinkled around the room are various scanners, speakers & wattmeters along with a PK232 TNC and Alinco DR-590T along with Mirage B3016 & C3012 amps. Out of view is my HF amp the Heathkit SB-1000.



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