KO6KD Garage Ham Shack

Often during the summer months, it is too hot to run the radio equipment in the house and the temperature in the garage is more conducive to running the equipment and generating the extra heat. Originally, the idea of having a "shop shack" was just a simple basic 2/440 FM rig. However, many, many hours of working on my hot rod, caused me to miss out on much of the action on the radio. So, after the installation of the IRLP node, it just seemed natural to install some basic equipment to use when working in the garage. It has expanded to what the current state of affairs are now. The radio is a Icom IC-751A with a UG9/D-104 mic. I use a Heathkit HW-2140 PEP wattmeter along with a Heathkit SB-200 amp. The FM rig is the Alinco DR-570T. The IRLP radio is the Alinco DR-135MKII and both Alinco radios are run off a Astron AS-20M. A Alinco EP-3030 power supply runs the Icom. The 19" flat screen monitor is switched between the IRLP computer and a shop only PC. Nothing special out here. The HF radio is run into the main shack and switched into any of the main HF antennas here. Dipoles for 40 & 75 meters, rotatible yagis for everything else. The node radio is at 50 watts and uses a Diamond X-510 @ 55' whereby the shop dual-bander is on a Diamond X-300 & 28'. There you have it, 600 watts on HF in the garage, 1150 in the house. What next, a 160 meter cw rig in the shower?

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