About Me

Since this is my web page I feel that it is my obligation to spend some time telling my guests a little about me. At present, I am in my early 50’s (and feeling it), approximately 6′ 1″ tall, and like many men of my age group, my weight is classified. I was born, raised and have lived all of my adult life in the greater Sacramento/San Francisco Bay Area. I am a college grad and specialize in the Telecommunications hardware industry. With a passionate love for Radio, and being very active in Amateur Radio since 1985, and before that, experimenting with CB radios since 1969, my background and hobby lends itself very well to my profession. Starting in 1985, I began to work for the Federal Government as a Communications Specialist. Later, in 1991, I moved to a major utility in Northern California and went to work in San Francisco as a Telecommunications Technician. 1992 saw the state of California vote in government deregulation of the electric industry in the state which forced the company I worked for to restructure it’s workforce, The result was my being one of the un-lucky fools to be laid-off. Being between jobs and still needing to pay the bills, I turned to free-lancing my abilities on my own and working for a private school in the mid-town area of Sacramento as a computer/networking specialist. This continued until 2005 when a new Principal and school restructuring dissolved my position. Within 2 weeks I started working as a repair technician for a company that provides the best power tools in the world. In 2008, the down turn in the construction industry began and Makita saw a need to restructure its company and close its Sacramento service center. Once again, I get the short end of the stick. In the fall of 2010 I was blessed to get hired on helping out in the radio shop, working on the P-25/800 MHZ re-banding project for the Metropolitan Fire District of Sacramento County. That lasted until June 2011 where once again I am standing in the bread line. It has been a rough go of it, but I do manage to keep busy. Admittedly it has been a stress on my faith. I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and through him all things are possible. For now, I continue to look forward to getting back into the regular work force again soon. But as I continue to near a time where others my age are talking about retiring, I hope to get back into a job soon just to make ends meet. Hopefully somewhere here in the area I still call home. Thank you for your interest and reading this. Bill